We are all one

Allow me to thank you with great gratitude for your trust. It is a great honour for me to be part of the wonderful movement of the Eurasian Creative Guild.
Thanks to the initiative of my brother Adam Siemienczyk, we created the idea of Poezja London in 2010. Since attending our first ECG meeting in London at the invitation of Marat Akhmedjanov, I have fallen in love with the energy and people of the ECG. It is with great enthusiasm and sincere interest that I look forward to the extraordinary cultural and artistic events that will take place in many Guild member countries in the coming year.
The openness of the Guild is fascinating – on the one hand the willingness to present the work of contemporary artists and on the other hand the care of traditions. The Guild provides a safe and friendly platform for cultural exchange in many artistic fields – literature, poetry, film, painting, photography, music, fashion and so on.
Why do we need the Guild? The Guild is a bridge between Europe and Asia, connecting cultures, nations and countries. Also, because every form of human creation broadens our minds and horizons, brings people closer together, develops our hunger for knowledge, is naturally free of judgement and teaches tolerance. The Guild is not a political or religious organisation, only an artistic one.
We live in a very interesting, open world. Today, like never before, thanks to the Internet, we have access to the world, opportunities to learn and become acquainted with new theories, fashions, trends, issues and methods. But nothing can replace face-to-face contact. And the emotion that comes from it is irreplaceable. That’s why the Guild organises festivals, concerts, readings, artist presentations, exhibitions, which enable cultural exchange between Europe and Asia. The Guild has received the support of many cultural institutions and embassies, which proves the high level of the artists and content presented, and it is still open to new members.
Poetry is particularly close to my heart. I write in my mother tongue, but thanks to translation we gain new audiences and learn. We experience a common emotion around the poem, the silence between the lines creates a festive atmosphere. Understanding. Human connection.
As an emigrant, a Pole living in London for 15 years, I understand the complexity of the situation and of finding oneself in a new country. My experience of living on islands leads me to positive reflection and gratitude for the opportunity to live and raise children here safely. As a foreigner, I understand the need to integrate into society, but I would also like to pay tribute to the English people for respecting the principles of equality and tolerance in everyday life. And let this spirit guide us in our activities this year – let us spread the idea of peace through artistic means.
The world is full of treasures, thanks to the Guild we discover new artistic worlds, reveal the secrets of culture, exchange, cooperate and work tirelessly to create a better world. Let’s teach our children respect, tolerance and openness to others. And let’s fuel the fire of curiosity to create and search for our own means of expression, new qualities are born at the intersection of cultures and traditions.

Gareth Stamp said in his welcome letter: “The collective mental health of the population needs artistic stimulation. And I maintain that it is through art that people heal their wounds and build a better future with a sense of understanding and security. Artists work wonders.
Long life, Guild!
“Art adds treasures to humanity”.
With respect and faith for a beautiful year,
Marta Brassart
ECG (London) Chairman,
Poezja London