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Founded in 2015 in London

Eurasian Creative Guild – a non-profit public organization founded in 2015 in London in order to unite and promote cultural and artistic figures of the Eurasian region in the English-speaking space. The main activity of ECG (London) has become the organization and holding of festivals in different countries of the world, literary and creative competitions, conferences and other events in which creative people have the opportunity to discuss new projects, present their work, as well as get acquainted with the work of colleagues and get the opportunity to reach the international level. At the moment, more than 3,000 creative figures from 73 countries of the world are members of the Guild.

The mission

We bring together creative people so that every English-speaking person in any corner of the world can learn about the culture of the Eurasian countries.


The guild is not just a community, it is a family where creative people support each other and help each other in the implementation of even the most ambitious projects.


Greetings from the Chairman of the Guild

Firstly may I say a warm welcome to our new members for this year. We have some exciting events and festivals that I hope many of you will take part in over the coming months.  

It is said “We all have a book in us. The first step is recognising this. Writing it is a whole new journey.” It can be daunting the first time you submit your creative works, manuscript, art, film or poetry but do not be afraid, ECG is a ‘creative family’ that will support, guide and help you realise your dream as you set out on your journey. 

Secondly may I say a heartfelt thankyou to the ‘older’ members of the guild for electing me as Chairman of the Eurasian Creative Guild. It is a great honour and I am grateful for the support you have given me on my own creative journey. I am sure you will continue to support new members and encourage others to join us and as we grow we will increase our knowledge and skills.

We are hopefully emerging from some of the most challenging times that any of us will ever have had to face and we do so with a sense of creative opportunity but we can also see that the world is still fragile and tensions still run high in many parts of the Eurasian region. I believe that more now than ever creative thinkers, artists and socially minded people have a vital role to play. The collective mental health of the population needs artistic stimulation. The cultural health of the region needs it’s voices to be heard and the social health of nations needs a creative celebration. ECG is a perfect vehicle to deliver creative opportunities through its members.  

I am looking forward to meeting many of you in person at our festivals and events over the coming months and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for participating in the work of the Guild.

Gareth Stamp
Chairman of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London), 2022-2023

The Charter of the Euraian Creative Guild

We create the best conditions for our members and the most comfortable conditions for unlocking the potential of each creative person. Please read the rules to seamlessly integrate into our international community.

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SILK ROAD MEDIA/EURASIAN CREATIVE GUILD - Suite 125, 43 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9HA, UK

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