Participating in the 4th festival of the Guild “Voices of Friends”

Dear Friend,

We are pleased that you are part of our family, which we call Eurasian Creative Guild. And as is customary in friendly families, we invite you to a big family meeting in our common Eurasian home, which is located in picturesque Burabay.

We are sure that you understand the importance of participating in the 4th festival of the Guild “Voices of Friends”, which will be held from 15 to 18 September in the resort Borovoye in Burabai region of northern Kazakhstan, which has been beautifully named Sinegorye (Kokshetau) since ancient times.

This event is a real cultural bridge that brings together creative people from all over the Eurasian region. Here you will have the opportunity to make presentations and masterclasses, present your paintings and show your films, and just relax among friends and like-minded people.

By taking part, you will discover new horizons, meet interesting personalities (both authoritative experts and those who are just trying their hand at creativity) and, perhaps, find inspiration for new creative projects, and some deserving lucky ones will even be recognised by becoming laureates in prestigious ECG competitions or holders of international medals.

And of course you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Burabai!

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this unique event! We look forward to seeing you in Borovoye!

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To ask your questions: +44 7903 837823 ( WhatsApp)

Video from the last festival:

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